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Client testimonials
24th April 2019 
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"Thank you for the help you give to Christopher - I feel it is important as he cannot speak that his health is checked on in any way that he can tolerate."
Angie, mother of young man with Down's Syndrome and severe learning difficulties, Basingstoke

"A big thank you for all the sessions during my pregnancy. My labour went really smoothly and it only lasted for 4.5 hours. The techniques that you taught me have really paid off and Nathan is a happy and healthy baby as a result. Thanks again."
Irene Godfrey, Basingstoke

"Over this pregnancy I have felt physically well, especialy after treatments. Being able to relax and let someone work on you is a very personal issue, especially during pregnancy, and I was made to feel completely at ease and welcome by Sally. Following 2 previous painful deliveries, this time I only needed gas and air during a 4 hour labour! I recovered very quickly following the birth and was out walking the baby within 24 hours. Fantastic."
Sarah, Basingstoke

"Thanks for a lovely reflexology yesterday.
I can report that you did me a great service..... I feel briliant today and felt great last night. I had a lovely sleep....what a difference that makes.
I look forward to my next appointment."

Tai Blackburn, Reading

"It was evident from the beginning that Sally had a gift for recognising problem areas, treating them with empathy - all the while creating a feeling of relaxation and trust in what she was doing."
Mrs L G S, France

"I thoroughly recommend the reflexology sessions with Sally. I was very impressed by how well she worked on my feet. The treatment was truly professional/medical and not just a cosmetic one. Sally perfectly identified all the problem areas in my health and concentrated on those points in further sessions. She is a very pleasant person and totally devotes her time to you during the sessions, which makes you feel special. Not only can Sally's sessions be beneficial to our health, the soothing techniques and the relaxing music assure your mind gets a wonderful rest."
Kinga Gates

"I have never been keen on people touching my feet but I was genuinely interested in finding out about reflexology and the potential benefits to my health and wellbeing so I had a session with Sally. I am now a true convert!! Sally's warmth and professional demeanour are a credit to her as a great practitioner and I have rarely felt so relaxed and revitalised following my reflexology sessions. I would recommend anyone to give it a try and find out for themselves!"
Rachel Wokingham, Human Resources Advisor

"During my pregnancy I suffered from swollen ankles and backache. Sally offered a relaxing treatment to help with these problems. By the second session I was feeling the benefits of reflexology. My ankles were less painful and my backache lessened considerably. Sally was very professional and I looked forward to seeing her every week. I would recommend her treatments to pre or post natal mothers and I have continued to see Sally following the birth of my baby girl."
Nicola Arborfield

"I wasn't too sure what to expect from my reflexology sessions when I started - but it is amazing. Nerve damage means my lower leg is always very cold - at the end of my hour, I felt a glow and inner warmth in my foot that was still there many hours later. The sessions always end with relaxation, which is wonderful (especially in the middle of the working day). I feel envigorated and full of energy afterwards.

Sally made me feel comfortable from the moment I phoned to make my first appointment - I can thoroughly recommend her."

Susan, Operations Expert Analyst, Reading

"Sally has a warm and welcoming personality which made me feel comfortable in approaching her for my first session. I found each treatment better than the last and came away feeling relaxed and at peace with the world! In the days that followed I seemed to have more vitality and by the end of the week I was certainly looking forward to the next appointment."
Janet, Private Healthcare Manager, Surrey

If you would like to book a treatment or for any queries please call me on 01256 882133 or 07796 908890 or send me an email.

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