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Fertility reflexology
24th April 2019 
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Reflexology for Preconceptual Care

When a couple are planning a baby it is sensible for BOTH of them to first get in good shape, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Looking at you lifestyle, perhaps changing your diet and exercise can all contribute to increasing the likelihood of a successful conception. A period of 6 months before planned conception is considered ideal to maximise your health and wellbeing. Reflexology is a natural therapy using the subtle energies of the feet to create balance and harmony thus helping us to attain and maintain a state of good health.

"I wanted to email you to say thank you. You have helped us again. Early days but a scan yesterday confirmed I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. All is well so far!”
Laura, Basingstoke


Sub-fertility can occur in both men and women and is an in-between state when they are neither infertile nor can they yet conceive. There are many reasons for sub-fertility including stress, life style, and physical state of health. There may be no obvious reason at all. Sub-fertility may even occur when you already have a child (secondary infertility). Patterns of behaviour can have a big impact on our health and on our fertility. These include:
  • long working hours

  • erratic eating patterns

  • poor diet and convenience foods

  • high alcohol consumption

  • too much or not enough exercise

The pressure to conceive is immense and prolonged stress can affect the Endocrine (hormonal) function - I carry out an Endocrine Balance as a matter of course.

Hormonal factors affecting fertility include:
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis
  • irregular periods
  • amenorrhoea (absence of periods - sometimes caused by long term contraceptive use)
  • sporadic ovulation

Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a detailed Pre-Conceptual Questionnaire. I will need copies of any medical reports, test results, scans etc.

You and your partner will come for a 2 hour consultation (cost 100 ). During this time we will discuss all aspects of your lives - lifestyle, stress levels, occupation, diet, exercise etc. You will both experience some reflexology so I can make an assessment and treatment plan.

The female client will then have a 35 minute treatment once a week for 4 weeks so that through reflexology I can note the reflexes at each week of the cycle. She will also keep a temperature and mucus chart for three months. If the male partner has known issues which may be affecting their ability to conceive, he too will benefit from regular reflexology. After the 4 week intensive treatment programme we will review progress and between us decide whether to repeat the weekly treatments or progress to treatments only on weeks 2 and 3. During this time you will have had your hair samples analysed and as soon as possible start taking any supplements recommended to promote your chances of conceiving.

At all times I will support, explain and encourage ….and be honest with you both! Success comes from us working together as a team.

This may seem a huge commitment financially and time wise, but I sincerely believe that this is the best method to create the conditions required to promote conception and a healthy baby. There are no guarantees of course but reflexology helps fill in the gaps that the NHS neither has the time nor the resources to deliver. And the best news is that reflexology is a completely natural and relaxing therapy.

"When I first contacted Sally We had been trying to conceive with no luck for some years and I was at breaking point thinking that we would never have a child.

I had reflexology about a year before with another practitioner from which I found little benefit. However I heard that Sally specialised in fertility issues and so decided to give her a try. This was the best decision I could make.

Sally’s treatments are very relaxing and Sally really knows her stuff. Sally has a wealth of knowledge of other practitioners who can assist. For example, Sally recommended that I was referred for a hair analysis with Foresight Preconception to test if I was low in essential minerals. I and my husband had this done and I was very low in zinc which is vital for fertility. I then started a three month vitamin and mineral programme whereby I had to take 15 tablets in one day! In that last month, I also followed an intensive programme of fertility reflexology with Sally.

The following month I conceived! Sally was also the first person to tell me that I may have conceived as I had great energy in my feet.

I thank Sally wholeheartedly as without her assistance and support, I doubt that I would have conceived. As well as Sally’s expertise she is a truly lovely lady who puts you at ease and with whom you can have a chat and a laugh. Thank you so much Sally."

Rebecca Hillier, ecstatic mother of gorgeous Max.

I am so pleased to add a footnote to Rebecca’s story. Eleven months after the birth of Max, Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful little called called Sophie …….NO fertility treatment required this time!

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Reflexology cannot reverse or treat certain medical conditions that are preventing conception e.g. a blocked Fallopian tube. Therefore couples may be considering 'Assisted Conception'; the most well known method is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The process is costly, exhausting and emotionally draining. Many clinics recommend Reflexology as an ideal therapy to prepare the woman mentally and emotionally for the programme. The balancing, calming qualities of reflexology help to compliment the medical procedures.

Please Note: Clients undergoing medically induced fertility treatment MUST gain advice/permission of the treatment centre involved before reflexology proceeds.

As a Reflexologist I am well placed to offer support to couples during this traumatic time. There are limitations however and, if necessary, I will refer clients to their health care provider as a matter of professional caution.

If you would like to book a fertility reflexology treatment please call me on 01256 882133 or 07796 908890 or send me an email.

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