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18th March 2019 
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Maternity Reflexology for Pregnancy and beyond

"I am committed to the best possible birth experience for you and your baby, naturally"

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most special conditions a woman can experience in life. However, hormonal changes occur dramatically both physically and emotionally. You may feel very different even within the first few weeks. A specially trained Maternity Reflexologist will support you through each of the trimesters and post-natally too.

Research carried out in 1993/1994 by consultant obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha showed that first time pregnant mums who received at least nine maternity reflexology treatments during their pregnancy, had far shorter birthing times than those who did not have reflexology. On average, their labours lasted 5-6 hours and they required significantly less pain relief too.

”A big thank you to lovely Sally for support during the last stages of my pregnancy. Sally provided professional yet friendly support which allowed me to relax and prepare for the arrival of my beautiful daughter Maya Isabella.
I would strongly recommend Sally to future customers.”

Adriana September 2018

”I would 100% recommend reflexology with Sally during pregnancy. My regular treatments gave me time out to focus on my body and my baby and to practice meditation techniques. As a result, my labour was intervention free. I consider my pain threshold to be low but during labour I only needed to use a TENS machine and gas and air. I can only attribute this to Sally’s treatments. Additionally, my recovery was fast and I have a beautiful thriving baby girl! Thank you Sally!”
Kimberley January 2015

"I was lucky enough to start reflexology early on in my pregnancy - in fact my first session was when I was only 5 weeks along. I think that this had an extremely positive impact during the nine months and was a big factor in why I was so lucky with my labour.

Sally always said to me 'The baby knows exactly what to do'. This became a mantra for me throughout my pregnancy and reflexology definitely helped me trust my body and prepare it for labour.

I was lucky enough to have a very short labour - 7 hours. I would have predicted screaming, crying and demand for drugs, however, the sessions with Sally really seemed to keep me balanced. I only needed gas and air. When Isabelle was born there was an overwhelming feeling of calmness - she was serene - everything felt right.

Sally gave me confidence during my pregnancy and made both my mind and body feel prepared. I would definitely recommend reflexology in pregnancy."

Jenny, Basingstoke

"As a midwife and first time pregnant client, I can highly recommend Sally and her fabulous maternity reflexology! The relaxation and breathing techniques at the end of each session definitely helped during my labour (8 hours, gas and air, normal delivery). The postnatal session was also wonderful. I will definitely be back for further pregnancies!"
Claire, Reading

....from second time mums Lucy and Katie......

"To let you know that Esme Charlotte was born on Monday evening weighing 5lb 9oz (4 days overdue). We're both home and doing really well. She is a very calm and contented baby!

This time around was a completely completely different birth experience to Thomas. A four hour labour in total. Managed the contractions at home and started to use the TENS machine when they got about 5 minutes apart. Left for hospital when they were about 3-4 minutes apart - by the time we got to the hospital there wasn't a gap in the contractions and I felt the need to push. The next bit happened in the space of 7 minutes - a couple of puffs of gas and air and Esme was out in two pushes. The best bit was that I didn't need any stitches!

I am absolutely convinced that this time was so different because I started the reflexology treatments much earlier on in the pregnancy so my body was much better prepared - thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Lucy, Southampton

"I had my second child a week ago and I am so glad I made time for maternity reflexology with Sally. It was glorious to take an hour for myself in my busy week to stop, relax, connect with no 2 and receive an energising and nourishing treatment...I always came away feeling centred and relaxed. It became more and more helpful as I prepared for the birth. I'm going to continue seeing Sally because I find it positive in so many ways. I'd recommend it to everyone, whether you are pregnant or not - especially if you are!"
Katie, Hartley Wintney

.....from a third time mum Sarah........

"Throughout my third pregnancy I felt physically well, especially after reflexology treatments. Being able to relax and let someone work on you is a very personal issue, especially during pregnancy. I was made to feel completely at ease by Sally. Following two previous painful deliveries, this time I only needed gas and air during a 4 hour labour! I recovered very quickly following the birth and was out walking the baby within 24 hours. Fantastic!"
Sarah, Basingstoke

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So how can Maternity Reflexology help?

Every woman has a different experience of pregnancy and often no two pregnancies are alike. Relaxation is the key and taking time out for yourself and the new life growing within, is the best investment you can make. An hour of peaceful therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and energised to cope with the pressures of daily life and pregnancy.

"I benefited from reflexology in many ways during my pregnancy but what I looked forward to most was having an hour to myself after a hectic day at work. The sessions were so relaxing and took away a lot of my aches and pains and I always had a good night's sleep afterwards."
Carla, Odiham

”My reflexology treatments with Sally helped create balance, eased my swollen feet and morning sickness, solved my liver issues, and helped with stress and sleep issues. Her treatments are fab! I would recommend Sally always and have already.”
Alex, Bramley

When can I have reflexology?

Reflexology can be used throughout pregnancy; I will take a a full history to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to carry out a treatment.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from women who feel they have benefitted from reflexology throughout their pregnancy. Two recent studies have shown that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour (1), reduced the length of the first stage of labour (1) and improved the quality of sleep on post-natal women (2).

First Trimester

The first trimester is a time when there are huge changes in hormone levels as well as anxieties and concerns about the changes that are about to happen. Both these factors may leave you feeling delighted, anxious, exhilarated, weepy and exhausted - sometimes all at once! Let’s not forget about how debilitating nausea and morning sickness can be especially when coping with a job, growing family or both.

It is my job to aid relaxation, de-stress and offer support.

Second and third trimester

In the second and third trimester most of the discomforts of early pregnancy have gone; however, as your baby grows you may begin to experience other physical symptoms. Your stress levels may also rise as the the birth becomes more imminent.

Reflexology can be used for general well-being or to address other health issues such as sleeping problems as they arise. Of course i am there to support you through any worries or concerns you may have.

Preparation for labour

As your due date approaches, you may find it more useful to have more regular treatments. I suggest that normally monthly treatments are sufficient until week 32 then fortnightly until week 40. Thereafter you and discuss a treatment plan most beneficial for you and your baby.

(1) VALIANI M ET AL (2010). Reviewing the effect of reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research. 15(Dec) p302-310

(2) LI C-Y ET AL (2011) Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of using foot reflexology to improve the sleep amongst post partum women. Midwifery. 27. p181-186

Breech and transverse babies

By using specific techniques it is possible for an experienced reflexologist to encourage a 'breech baby' to reposition. The optimum time is around 37 weeks when there is still room for the baby to consider turning but not enough time for him to bounce back to breech or transverse. I’m afraid there are no guarantees only sometimes little miracles!

"At my 31 and 34 week checks my baby was in the breech position and my midwife recommended reflexology to encourage the baby to turn. As I was keen for a normal delivery, I contacted Sally to give it a go. She told me not to expect miracles but set about attending to specific points for pregnancy niggles I had described and of course for encouraging the baby to turn. The sense of relaxation following the session was incredible, as was the uninterrupted sleep that night.

I continued throughout the next week to follow the advice regarding kneeling positions and applied gentle pressure to the points Sally had showed me. I was amazed and relieved when the midwife informed me at 36 weeks that the baby was head down and only need go a little further to fully engage. All being well, and with Sally's help, I hope to go on to deliver my baby in the most natural way possible"

Karen, Odiham

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Postnatal Reflexology

Congratulations again! You're now a mummy. You have experienced enormous changes, both physically and emotionally, over the last nine months and now this little person has taken over your life. It is so important that you are given the time and opportunity to recover from the whole birthing experience and to regain your strength and fitness. You have some busy times ahead!

If possible (and yes I do appreciate how hard it is to find 'me' time) have a reflexology treatment once a week for the first 12 weeks.

Reflexology may help:
  • to restore your sleep patterns
  • recovery following a Caesarean section
  • to alleviate anxiety
  • give you calm and relaxation when sleep is in short supply!

Please note that early 'baby blues' and Postnatal Depression should not be confused. PND will not be diagnosed until after your baby is 6 weeks old and it can affect not only the mother but father too. You must seek professional medical advice from your GP and please, don't try to weather it out or in any way think it reflects on your parenting skills.

Other Maternity care you may like to consider...

Fitmama offers private and class tuition to get you 'birthfit'. Marie Behenna-Moran will teach you gentle Pilates, abdominal strength exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation.

Harmony Hypnobirthing with Fiona Miller offers tuition and support to you and your partner so that come The Birth Day you will feel calm, in control and experience the birth you always anticipated.
For more details contact Fiona
[email protected]

I also recommend you read Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha, a top London obstetrician for her common sense approach and total inspiration.

If you have any queries or would like to book a Maternity Reflexology treatment please call me on 01256 882133 or 07796 908890 or click here to send me an email.

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