Typical Session and Prices

Reflexology in Basingstoke and surrounding areas

Typical Session and Prices
24th April 2019 
Typical Session and Prices
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Cost of first session: 45 for an hour’s consultation

Cost of subsequent sessions: 40.00 for 50 minutes

Cost of 3 sessions paid upfront: 110.00

Maternity 'Priming' treatment: 45

Treatment for a breech baby: 45

Payment by cheque or cash at time of treatment thank you. You may also make online payments in advance.

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If you would like to book a treatment or for any queries please call me on 01256 882133 or 07796 908890 or send me an email.

Typical Session and Prices. Feet_001

What does a treatment entail?

  • Your first treatment will last approximately 1 hour to allow time to discuss your medical history, general lifestyle and any presenting conditions you may have. I can either email you a questionnaire to complete in advance or this can be done at the time of your consultation. Your Reflexology treatment will take a holistic approach - in other words I will be treating the whole body not just a specific complaint - whilst taking into consideration your individual needs and health issues.

  • You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and sit back in a very comfortable reclining chair. During the treatment all the reflex areas on both feet, or hands if appropriate, will be worked using a technique called thumb walking. For those of you concerned about ticklish feet, please don't worry, all you will feel is a gentle but firm pressure. You may feel localised areas of discomfort which will be dispersed as the treatment progresses. These give me a useful insight into the areas in need of attention and by interpreting these sensations it is possible to identify areas of imbalance within the body.

  • It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid alcohol and large meals before the treatment. Water will be available to sip during the treatment and you are advised to drink lots of water following the treatment. You should leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and 'walking on air’.

    FOOTWORKS for professional reflexology with special interest in Maternity and Fertility Reflexology. Easily accessible from Basingstoke, Reading, Bramley, Tadley, Odiham, Hook, Hartley Wintney, Oakley and Overton.
  • Subsequent sessions will last approximately 50 minutes and most clients find the experience deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

  • The best environment to receive a treatment is where you will most relaxed as a quiet, calm atmosphere is essential for maximum benefit. Many clients find it more relaxing to come to my practice where they can get away from distractions at home.